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S-Damp Sound Deadeners

Car manufacturers have a preference in less costly, lighter structure to save energy.  Hence when lighter metal structures are shape were used, it increases structural movement and vibration that results.

One of the most crucial enhancements you can make to your vehicle is to reduce noise. Traditional methods use Asphalt melt sheet or fibrous pads to absorb vibration noise. The trouble is, pads don’t seal structure completely without heating capacity, special shape and sizes must be tailored for each model.

S-Damp is a range of viscoelastic, sprayable liquid vibration dampers that reach out to every important area that helps to dissipate structure-borne vibration energy and reduce air-borne noise.  It has been found highly effective in reducing vibration resonance conditions in structure particularly in automotive underbody, panels and wheel arches.

S-Damp comes with anti chip and weather resistant and will not wash away and resistant to solvents and acids.  It can be applied over the electro-coat primed or PVC underbody coating.

Melt Pads

  • Must be custom sized and shaped
  • Difficult to apply tight crevices
  • Require removal of seats and carpet
  • High density


  • Sprayable applied, no wastage
  • Greater filling and sealing capability
  • Removal of seats and carpet not require
  • Less density

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