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Corrosion Preventive Coating

Corrosion occurs in cars in a number of areas, many which are not visible. To keep a car looking good, and its value high, you must pay attention to the hidden parts as well as those you can see.

When you buy a new car, consider having it ‘rust-proofed’ but make sure you have it done by a reliable professional whose materials and workmanship comply with OEM specification. Also, it must be new when rust-proofed; treating a car that has been on the road may be worse than no treatment at all.

With any vehicle, regardless of age or mnufacturer, corrosion would have to be one of an owner’s worst fears.  There is literally hundreds of corrosion inhibiting products available on the market.  The effectiveness of each product is largely dependent upon the vehicle preparation prior to application, the application itself, and the environment in which it has to work.

CORROTEC uses highly effective rust preventive product that manufactured by TECTYL to combat corrosion.  It does more than just cover the metal, it actually treated with high-pressured spray to provide corrosion prevention and moisture sealing.

CORROTEC protect your car most critical areas by pentrating, displacing existing moisture and pretects manyu vulnerable cervices found in today’s vehicles.  A vehicle treated wiht CORROTEC metal protection will be free of rust; therefore this will allow you to sell your car quicker and higher resale value.  In addition, if your vehicle is on our warranty program this can be transferred to new owner when your vehicle is sold.

To comply with the conditions of the warranties, your car must be serviced in accordance with the schedules.  This will ensure that you receive maximum protection under the warranty pretection.

Before Under-coating

After Under-coating

Spraying Nozzles

No drilling of holes

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