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Corro-Glaze Paint Protection Coating

Your vehicle’s paint is under constant attack by the sun’s UV rays, bird dropping, sap from tree and dead insects, acid rain, and other environmental factors that damage and destroy your car paintwork.  Left unprotected car’s paint suffer irreversible damage.

CORROGLAZE is an exclusive paint sealant that flows like liquid glass, penetrating and sealing your car’s paint surface act as a protective layer, leaving an ultra high gloss finish.  Blending into the paint rather than just remaining on the surface.

CORROGLAZE will provide a barrier between the elements and the paint surface.  It will provide protection and reduce the friction and surface marks caused from everyday wahing and will also fill in rather than cut into the paint any such surface scratches that form what we call “spider webs”.

CORROGLAZE is impervious to harsh detergents.  It will not breakdown or wear off under constant cleaning with chemicals or the abrasive friction generated by grit, dirt and sand.

CORROGLAZE is a completely new formula paint protection protect modern-day [water-based] paintwork, from everyday harmful elements year after year.

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