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Paint & Metal Protections

Nothing is more valuable than your house; your car is probably the second largest investment you make.
CORROTEC paint and metal protections, including corrosion prevention, corrosion control, paint protection and sound solution is to help protect and prolong the durability of your investments.

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Paint & Metal Protections

When you buy a new car, consider having it ‘rust-proofed’ but make sure you have it done by a reliable professional whose materials and workmanship comply with OEM specification. Also, it must be new when rust-proofed; treating a car that has been on the road may be worse than no treatment at……

Rust Preventives

Tectyl Products Stop Rust and Corrosion Before They Started.
For over 75 years, in over 100 countries, Tectyl products have been fighting corrosion in varying industrial applications, including the military, automotive industry, transportation industry and general industry.

Paint Protection

Car are now painted with much less paint, and a clearcoat is applied that gives these new finishes their great depth. With this technique comes some new problems. Since there are less color coats on your new car, and only a thin clearcoat, there is more of a chance to damage this great finish …..

Sound Deadeners

One of the most crucial enhancements you can make to your vehicle is to reduce noise. Traditional methods use Asphalt melt sheet or fibrous pads to absorb vibration noise. The trouble is, pads don’t seal structure completely without heating capacity, special shape and sizes must be tailored for each model …..

We offer corrosion prevention solution to the industrial, namely OEM automotive, military, aviation, marine, recreation and construction

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